As a Hawaii business owner, you make people happier with your unique talent

So it's frustrating that you're scrambling for your next sale and people aren't telling the world all about you — let's fix that.

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Here's what I know about you:

You're an ambitious entrepreneur and you want to make money doing what you love. But getting there is such a struggle and it's really sinking your ship.

Congrats! People have bought what you're selling. But now you find yourself wishing that everything was easier, faster, and just less complicated.

Everyone is happier because of you. But now you're wondering how you can make this business thrive without going crazy.

"Don't worry, it's not you. You just need a Hawaii web designer who knows what she's doing. "

"I love seeing my clients smile and their look of relief when they realize "YES! This is exactly what I wanted!" Knowing what I can do for you is my adrenaline rush."
Amy Fujimoto

I'm Amy Fujimoto.

I help Hawaii business owners increase their sales, clients, and customers so they can say goodbye to stress and feeling stuck. I design high-converting websites with authentic messaging so you can get paid to be you.

Years ago, I was a struggling business owner myself. I did everything including selling Hawaii souvenirs on Amazon, running an e-commerce shop, and even writing a Hawaii travel blog (that I'm still running today).

On the way I learned the right tactics to blogging, web design, SEO, email marketing, and copywriting. Put simply, I learned to sell and I was good at it. I know what makes people buy (and not buy) online — and that's when my world changed.

I said "aloha" to my side hustles and left my stressful corporate job. Today, I use my superpower exclusively for local Hawaii business owners and entrepreneurs. There's no shooting in the dark with me. I make sure your website and messaging maximizes your growth, sales, and clients.

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