Do I need a freebie for my local Hawaii business website?

Freebies aren't actually free. The price for them is actually a customer's email - in other words, a direct path of communication to a future sale. You usually see freebies (AKA lead magnets) as popups with the words "get 15% off" or "free download". Here's why they're so important especially for local Hawaii businesses.

What's a freebie?

You see these freebies all the time when you shop online:

  • Sign up and get 15% off your first order!
  • Free shipping when you sign up!
  • Get a free gift when you subscribe!

And when you're researching how to grow your local Hawaii business, you run into experts and gurus online saying:

  • Sign up for a free social media calendar
  • Download my free ebook on how to grow your local business
  • Subscribe for the top 10 reasons why your business isn't succeeding

All of these "freebies" all have one thing in common: to convince you to give up your email. By offering something of high value to a specific customer, these businesses are getting 3 things:

  • Your email
  • A potential sale from their target customer
  • Building a community of engaged fans and supporters

The real term for these freebies are "lead magnets". A lead is a potential prospect: a new customer or someone who is interested in what you're selling. Magnet refers to drawing your ideal audience in.

For example, if you're online shopping for jewelry boxes as a gift, you may sign up just to get that 15% discount. Several months later, Christmas rolls around and the jewelry box company sends you an email about their Black Friday sale. Knowing that your friend absolutely loved the jewelry box you gave them, you decide to take advantage of the sale and buy a few more as Christmas gifts.

With just 15% off your very first order, the jewelry box company has managed to transform you from paying customer into a repeat customer. They've also successfully branded themselves as a quality jewelry box maker and have earned your trust.

The power of a good freebie

When you have a really good freebie, your target audience will sign up to get what you're offering. Freebies allow your email list to grow faster and an email list is what brings customers back to your website where they can repurchase your good or service. Essentially, a good freebie will make you money because it provides you with a direct communication path straight to your customer's inbox.

Will some of them unsubscribe? Definitely.

Will some ignore all of your emails? Of course, we all have done that before.

Will some open your emails and convert? BIG YES. Those who open your emails will learn to trust your local brand. Here in Hawaii where word of mouth is so important, they'll remember to mention you to their friends and coworkers. You get to be a constant reminder in their life and when the time comes to purchase your good or service again, you'll be the first to pop up in their mind because of all the emails you've been sending.

What kind of freebies work best for local Hawaii businesses?

I can't stress it enough: understand your target audience and what you provide to them.

I don't mean demographics like male/female, where they live, their age, preferences, etc. These details may appear frequently among your audience, but it doesn't show up for every single customer. When I say understand your target audience, I want you to know what their common problem is.

For people buying jewelry boxes as a gift, there are several common problems that could exist such as:

  • They need to buy a unique and pretty gift for a woman who loves jewelry.
  • They purchase jewelry boxes because they love to buy jewelry.
  • They want a jewelry box to hold their current jewelry.

All of these are entirely possible, but each one describes a very unique audience. Depending on your audience, your freebie will change.

If you know that most of your customers buy your jewelry boxes as gifts, your target audience are the gift-buyers. Common demographics might be older men, parents, or significant others, but the real problem they all have is that they need to buy a jewelry box for a woman who loves jewelry. In this case, the wording for your freebie might be:

"15% off for the woman in your life"

However, if your target audience are mostly people buying jewelry box for themselves, your freebie wording might be something like:

"Free necklace with your first jewelry box purchase"

Do you see how the freebie changes depending on your audience? Saying "15% off your first order" isn't enough. You absolutely want their email so you can continue to build on that relationship with them. Once they read a few emails from you, you're a trusted source for jewelry boxes and gifts and that's when the word-of-mouth marketing magic begins.

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