My clients dream big

My clients are such hard workers that I call them "ambition on a mission". There's a purpose to why they wake up early, stay up late, and work all day on their local business. When I ask "how can I help?" they answer big. Here are a few of my clients who have really taken off and are living their dream.

Online Bookings
Business Owner

Kaori Berry is a cosmetologist who decided to niche down to her passion of 3D nipple tattoos for breast cancer survivors. The problem was that she was only getting 1 - 2 clients a month. I redesigned her website completely and focused heavily on her copywriting. She's currently getting 1 - 2 clients a week!


Disinfection Service
Small Business

This client was looking for a local disinfection service that would treat COVID-19 in his office. He was told they would not come out if there was a positive COVID-19 case. So he started his own. Now he happily directs new clients to his website as he transitions from his corporate job to being a local business owner.


Concept Site
Landing Page

The Hawaii Hike Club is a concept landing page for a make-believe group of Hawaii hikers. The design is clean and uncluttered, but I've added a diagonal gradient for some modern flair. On the desktop version, you'll see footsteps fading in and out as you scroll down.

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